A Form Filler  automatically filling in windows as quickly as they appear on your screen!

Imagine having:

Presenting A Form Filler for Windows- windows that delay your system start-up being automatically dealt with,
- repetitive information entered on your PDF forms as soon as you open them,
- password prompt windows securely filled in and then 'Ok'ed,
- pesky message boxes dismissed without you lifting a finger,
- a series of windows, for example to open up a connection to another PC, automatically filled in.

A Form Filler form filling software does all of this and is fully customizable to your needs!


Smarter than you might think. A Form Filler:
- distinguishes all sorts of windows, including software forms that share the same title, 
- provides for encrypted storage of your key commands, as well as the option to password protect that information from being viewed and changed by others, and
- manages an unlimited number of windows allowing you to toggle monitoring for them on and off individually or all at once.

Unlike many other form filler applications:
A Form Filler is designed to fill in the windows of other applications, not just browser windows (although it does that too).

Setup in seconds:
With the window / form that you want to action on your screen, pick its title from a drop down box and tell A Form Filler the keystrokes you want to send it.   From that point forward, A Form Filler will watch for that window / form and when it appears A Form Filler will immediately send to it your keystrokes just as if you had keyed them yourself!

free You are welcome to use A Form Filler on as many computers as you would like for free.
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