A Form Filler FAQ

Q1. Which versions of Windows is A Form Filler compatible with?

The most current version (version 3.5.2) works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. 

The latest version which works with Windows XP is version 2.5.3. 

Both versions are available for download here.


Q2. Does A Form Filler use many system resources?

No, in fact it's specifically designed not to.

Q3. How long does it take for A Form Filler to fill out a form?

When a new form to be filled out is displayed A Form Filler starts typing into it right away.  In a test, A Form Filler flawlessly typed Act 1 Scene 1 of Hamlet into Microsoft Notepad at just over 300 words per minute. In general, a normal form can be completely filled out well within a couple seconds.

Q4. Does A Form Filler work on all forms?

Some specialized forms, usually having to do with application security, will not accept key strokes from A Form Filler.  However, these are rare.  Running A Form Filler with Windows Administrative privileges may help.  For more infomation please see here.

Q5. Do I need to have the Main Window open to monitor and action forms?

No, just the background worker needs to be running.

Q6. Is A Form Filler really free?

Happily, for you, yes.  Sadly, for me, no.

Keeping A Form Filler alive costs money. 

Examples of things I pay for include maintaining this web site, the tools to update the program, and coffee.

Kind donations are always appreciated!

Q7. The first time I run the program it asks me for a password - what's going on?

I wish I knew. From time to time I get people reporting this problem, but have never figured out why, but for sure you are not alone – I just can’t recreate it myself. 
I do however have a fix for it:

Can you please ensure the program is not running on your pc.

Next, can you please delete the files which have a name starting with AFormFiller as found in the folder:
     C:\users\your windows id\AppData\Local\Rob_Latour
and also delete the files found in
     C:\users\your windows id\AppData\Roaming\AFormFiller

Please note the folder
C:\users\your windows id\AppData\
is on your machine, its just in a directory Windows choses to hide – to access it just copy
C:\users\your windows id\AppData\
into the address bar of MS File Explorer.

Once you have deleted these files you should be able to start the program just fine (and as the program starts it will automatically recreate the files that you just deleted).

Also, after that you can add a password if you like. However, you will no longer be prompt for as password, until you’ve added one.

Q8. What changes have been made to A Form Filler since it was first released?

Here is the version history of A Form Filler:

Version Release Date Significant Changes
3.5.3 Jan 25, 2018 a Corrected inital setup asking for database password
3.5.2 Jun 1, 2017 a Applied fix when title of window to be actioned contains the following: [*]
3.5.1 Jan 30, 2016 a Signed with SHA-2 certificate
3.5 Aug 14, 2015 a Added ability to start with, elevate and demote administrative privileges
3.4 July 19, 2015 a Added support for forms with no controls, such as a DOS or PowerShell window
3.3 June 7, 2015 a Tested for Windows 10
a Corrected conversion problem with initial install
3.2.2 Sept 25, 2013 a Corrected problem with automatic startup at logon
3.2 + 3.2.1 Aug 17, 2013 a Improved form matching
3.1 Nov 28, 2012 a Updated installer as some installations were not being done correctly resulting in a failure screen when the program attempted to start (if version 3.0 installed fine for you, you can skip this update)
3.0 Oct 28, 2012 a More accurately matches forms
a Option added to delay password prompt until a form to fill out appears
a Move to top and bottom functions added to main window
a Old A Form Filler Boss and Worker programs have now been combined into a single program for simplicity
a Now runs as either a 32 bit or 64 bit application depending on your versions of Windows
a Tested on the public release of Windows 8
2.5.3 Aug 8, 2012 a Visits to the A Form Filler website (for help, download on update, etc.) now opens up in your default browser
a Corrected issue with automatic check for update
2.5.2 Aug 6, 2012 a Corrected issue with master switch not restarting processing in some cases
2.5.1 Aug 5, 2012 a Additional changes to speed up processing
a Added the key definition {SPACE} as an equivalent alternative to using just a regular space character
2.5 Aug 4, 2012 a Forms will be acted upon more quickly (usually within a 1/4 second of them appearing on your screen)
a the Must Contain function is now able to work with more types of form controls
a the A Form Filler worker icon now appears correctly in Microsoft Task Manager
2.4 Jul 22, 2012 a Corrected the Record feature when clicking in and out of the 'Keys to Send' field while recording
a You can now start typing right away in the Description field when the A Form Filler Add/Change window appears
2.3 Jul 9, 2012 a Added Record function
a Added {!} as a ¼ second pause command  
a Added [*] as a wild card option for the Widows to watch for title
a Added Help button on Change/Edit window
2.2.1 Jun 22, 2012 a Added more keys to send
2.2 Jun 21, 2012 a Added  {Must Contain “xxx”}  and {Must Not Contain “xxx”}  features
a Added display of settings and database file locations in the options
2.1 Jan 1, 2012 a Updated some internal works, no new functions added
2.0 Mar 6, 2012 a Released as freeware
1.6 Dec 13, 2011 a Corrected problem with program registration
1.5 Oct 17, 2011 a Corrected problems with dropdown box not populating correctly when there were no windows to ignor
1.4 Aug 16, 2011 a Updated some internal works, no new functions added - but program more efficient
1.3 Jul 10, 2011 a Drop down list on Add/Change list now automatically sorted
1.2 Jul 4, 2011 a Added ability to find windows without titles
a Made the program more efficient
1.1 Jun 29, 2011 a Added {DATETIME} function
a Validates matching {} and valid {Keys} when OK is pressed on the Add/Change window
a Closing the Add/Change via the red [X] at the top right of the window acts as a cancel rather then a save
1.0 June 25, 2011 a Initial release