How to: Fill in a password window

This form, displayed from Outlook, requires a password to be entered and the 'OK' button to be pressed. 

A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook

This example is easily handled by A Form Filler, just key your password, followed by {ENTER} in the Add/Change window as illustrated below.

Outlook A program is trying to access 


1. information on this option please see here.

     For example, you might wish to have your 'Keys to send' line read:

    {Must Contain ""}Happydays{ENTER}

    In this way you can set up a unique A Form Filler process for each unique password prompt window.

2. In some cases A Form Filler will not be able to work with a form unless A Form Filler is started as an Administrator.  For more information please see here.


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